This Week at Resurrection

Good stewards strive to adapt their lives to that of Christ — emptying themselves of all pride and placing themselves at the service of others. Sunday worship at 9.30am, with donuts and coffee/tea fellowship 30 minutes prior, et ceteras here.

May 1 -- In Wind and Wonder: Spring in the Garden. Introduction to the 2012 Sanctuary Garden, open 24/7/365. THE SPRING OPENING of our SANCTUARY GARDEN, a center for prayer and reflection surrounding our FOUNTAIN OF HOPE LABYRINTH. 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Following the lighting of out Olive Garden, an informal reception will be held. Peligrino/Wine, Cheese/Crackers, Fruit! Come and witness the hidden beauty of this developing space dedicated to the power of prayer, the grace of reflection, the joy of community, and the healing of the soul.